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More than half of all iPhones now run iOS 9.

Windows 10 arrives.


Google Glass appears.

Surface debuts.

Google to buy Motorola Mobility.

AT&T to buy T-Mobile USA.

IE9 launched.

Broadband prices dropping around the world, but not US.

Google creates 5 Exabytes every two days.

Disney buys Pixar.

Google defies White House over disclosing users' searches.

Google rolls out video market place.

Apple sells a million videos in new service.

3G USB Dongle / Surf Stick

iPod nano debuts.

Apple rolls out photo-display iPod.

Green Gables and Greenmeadow are on the National Register of Historic Places.

IETF knocks back Microsoft anti-spam plan.

SCO looses suit against Linux.

Toshiba develops tiny 100 mW methanol fuel cell.

Cisco announces CRS-1.

Start-Up says Linux copyright abuse-free.

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
      -- Ken Olson, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

UC Berkeley architecture major Leo Henke won the Eisner prize. The Eisner Prize in the Creative Arts is the highest creative award in five departments at the UC Berkeley.

Intel silicon smashes optical switching record: 50 times faster.

20 years ago the historic "1984" Mac ad sizzled across the super bowl TVs.

"Mydoom" worm floods the 'net.

WiMAX debuts: up to 70 Mbps wireless broadband.

AT&T Wireless to entertain takeover bids.

Fiber cut in Mountain View: Thousands without Internet/cable connectivity 11/25/03.

'Tech Elite' Push the Most Buttons

Palo Alto may expand high-speed cable. click click click

Light Reading: RBOCs Hungry for Fiber

Paris-Wide Wireless Internet Hotspot ''Wi-Fi'' Pilot Launched based on Cisco RATP.

The Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission approved the first phase of the fiber to the home business plan unanimously.

Apple enters the music biz.

Paly whopped Gunn tonight.

Robotics 2003 Silicon Valley Regional: (expired).

Cisco to buy Linksys.

Paly whopped St. Francis today.

Speed record smashed: 923 Mbps transfer from Sunnyvale to Amsterdam!

Massive UT Hack Leaks SSN Data.

Teenager Jon Johansen Acquitted in DVD Case. Legal to Descramble His DVDs on Linux Computer.

Palo Alto High whopped Bellarmine in tennis today. Tony Henke and Elliot Koch won.

Eichler architecture + artifacts exhibition open on FRI. SAT. SUN.

URL User Reconfigurable Lounge arrives soon. Designer: Mark J. Marcinik.

Winner of the 2002 Raymond L. Watson Best Project Award: Pictures Online Now

The City of Palo Alto withdrew Edgewood Plaza redevelopment plans.

SQL Worm hits: Experts: Microsoft security gets an 'F'

UC Berkeley architecture major Leo Henke won the Raymond L. Watson Best Project Prize.

Andy Grove warns of the end of Moore's Law. Current leakage is a problem. article

a2i Communications introduced live backups.

By unanimous vote the Utility Advisory Commission approved a staff recommendation to extend the fiber-to-the-home business plan to the entire city of Palo Alto.

Pacific Bell aims its guns at Palo Alto

Palo Alto Weekly: Edgewood Plaza development to be scaled back

About 2,340,000,000 spam emails are sent every year.

PAST Heritage

Rough reception for AT&T cable: Unhappy customers speak out.

Palo Alto Weekly: Rocky waters for redevelopment?

Palo Alto Freenet

Draft Fiber to the Home Business Case Presentation, Palo Alto (pdf)

Palo Alto Daily News: Utility tax should go back to the voters

Uptime outbound router: 2053 hours.

The 2003 Sandhill Challenge was cancelled.

A little 5.2 quake hit. recent quakes

Californians Call Enron Documents the Smoking Gun.

HWP died.

Fiber to All the Homes: A PA-FiberNet Position Paper
Ken Poulton, April 24, 2002

Japanese 'Computenik' Earth Simulator shatters US supercomputer hegemony
Primeur Weekly, April 20, 2002

Robotics 2002 Regionals, Robotics 2002 Finals: Paly beat GUNN and 42 other teams!

uptime on our outbound router: 2002+ hours.

Excite@Home to shut down.

Atheros Chipsets Used in Mercedes-Benz Future-Technology Demonstration

Court Orders ExciteAtHome may Shut Service.


Mercedes-Benz unveils the DriveBy InfoFueling Research Car.

Chrysler Group Unveils Industry-First Vehicle Communications System.

Intel Launches Program to Boost Car-Based Devices.

Uptime on our outbound router: 6300 hours, before a 2h recent power outage.

Paly's Sandhill Challenge 2001

The IBM PC celebrates its 20. birthday.

Palo Alto Fiber Network

Ricochet is off the air.

Local connections are the key to high bandwidth.

Paly Robotics placed 17. in the nationals. More than 300 teams competed this year.

Paly Robotics wins 2. place in silicon valley regionals. Sponsor: Compaq Captain: Leo Henke

"The fuel cell may change the auto and energy industry like the microchips changed the computer industry." - Prof. Ferdinand Panik. Testing started in West Sacramento.

Palo Alto's dark fiber ring just turned profitable.

Bertelsmann teams with Napster.

Paly's Robotics Team
Paly Robotics placed first in the Sandhill Challenge. Team captain: Leo Henke. More pictures.

Americans spend over one billion hours annually online with their computers according to recently released research. More than half of all households own computers now.

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